Sustanon 300mg




For those of you fitness maniacs who want a really high-quality muscle-building product, also has the right dose of Mg for your body & muscle needs, also guaranteed 100% authenticity of the product, now comes a high-quality product from a leading pharmacy in GERMAN. EUBIOZ Performance-Pharmacueticals FROM GERMAN. You are ready to feel the real European Anabolic performance Sustanon 300mg. Function = BULKING (the process of gaining weight and muscle mass quickly and large). Traits = Long acting. Benefits = – Increase muscle mass and muscle size quickly. – Increases power many times. – Muscle recovery after exercise is faster. – Anti-catabolic (anti muscle shrinkage). Protein synthesis/absorption of protein that is channeled to the muscles is more maximal. – As a supporter of the hormone testosterone from the outside, because when you want a large muscle size you need a high testosterone hormone. http://globalsources


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